Carriers and Products Sheet

Carriers and Products Sheet

Dickerson Employee Benefits is proud of its partnerships with the leading insurance carriers of the industry. We utilize our long-standing business connections to provide you with the best product match for your clients. Having built our reputation for over 50 years, we have established rock-solid relationships that are built on trust and prior success.

Each of the carriers contracted with Dickerson offers a full range of insurance plans to agents, their employer groups and their individual clients.

Whether your client is a large or small employer group, Dickerson can strategically combine different offerings from our carriers, in order to create rich benefits packages. These packages can include cafeteria plans, carve outs and a number of value-added options. Don’t you want to offer the best values to your customers? We can help curate the best benefits packages, customized specifically for your clients.

Searching for the right provider network is as important as recommending the best product options for your client. So if you’re a broker, look no further! Dickerson is the agency that you want on your side.

Explore our carrier partners’ hospital and physician networks, organized by carrier and plan, by visiting the “Links” section of our website. You can also click here for our Products Sheet: a complete description of carriers, plan types and commissions by product and group size.