Our Team

Our Team


We are there for you. We are your back office – here to assist you.

The advantages Dickerson offers you as a broker are significant in building your business. Today’s broker is entrepreneurial, adaptive to change and is ready to offer clients many solutions. Dickerson is with you at each step of the process.

Our Account Executives are industry experts and strategists. We work in collaborative teams at all levels. Our Sales Associates offer advanced quoting options and presentation support. Dickerson has the online resources and onsite support that distinguishes us as a leading GA.

Dickerson’s multilingual staff can support the presentation challenges that can arise in a multicultural state like ours. Our staff includes speakers fluent in 12 different world languages. Support and resources are available where and when you need them.

The rapid changes in the health care industry call for staying informed – from the carriers and deadlines to legislative updates. Dickerson’s connections and longevity in the industry provide our brokers with an information edge. Anticipating your need to stay informed, our industry trend-focused webinars, forums and classes connect you with industry experts.

Consider the diverse range of business solutions offered through Dickerson. These are “broker friendly” options designed to help you protect client relationships and maintain your role as a trusted advisor.